Patriot Award

Johnson Elementary Patriot Award Requirements

1. Explain the System of Checks and Balances

2. Explain how a bill becomes a law

3. Describe each of the Bill of Rights

4. Name each of the U.S. Presidents in Order

5. Know all the 50 states, abbreviations, and capitals

6. Receive a 90% or higher on the Naturalization Test

7. Recite the Preamble to the Constitution

8. Recite or sing the Star Spangled Banner

9. Recite the Oath of Office for the President

10. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance 

Students at Johnson Elementary School are given a challenge at the beginning of 5th grade to participate in the Patriot Award. The Patriot Award is given to students who rise above and beyond the expectations and complete a set of requirements on their own. To earn the award students must memorize the Bill of Rights, the Preamble to the Constitution, and recite the Oath of Office for President of the United States among other requirements.