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About Us

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Johnson Elementary is proud to be named an Apple Distinguished School

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Stetson Harper, Principal
Johnson Elementary School
4235 East State Rd 256
Scottsburg, IN 47170

JES Office Hours - 7:00-4:00
(812) 752-8923
FAX:  812-794-4979

Anonymous Bullying Hotline:
(833) 300-7867

Our Narrative, Our Mission, and Our Beliefs

Our Mission / Narrative

Our mission here at Johnson Elementary is to help our students discover their purpose and guide them as their stories unfold. Our mission and our district mission at Scott 2 is providing “your path to a brighter future.” An important part of our story is the career path we choose. Scott 2 provides four paths: Path to Business Ownership, Path to College, Path to Military, and Path to Workforce. These paths help shape the future for our students and what they want to do long after their time here at Johnson Elementary. 


Our Belief

In addition to guiding students to their path, we also focus on the overall well being of a student and preparing them for the real world. We believe at Johnson we shape the future for our children. What we do everyday will have an impact on our kids for a lifetime, which is why we focus on being a “HERO”. Teaching our students how to be Honest, Engaged, Respectful, and Organized. Focusing our attention on the positive behaviors of our students and praising those for being a HERO today. We celebrate the success of our students in hope we prepare them to be successful individuals of tomorrow. 


We live in a community in need of positivity and with our HERO program we feel we are creating positivity and experiences for our students that may never get to experience on their own. By creating these moments and opportunities we are showing our students and our community there is plenty in the world and in our community to celebrate and be proud of.  

Our Purpose…

We have a few ground rules at Johnson Elementary


Our students will speak the truth and act truthfully. We will not tell lies, nor hurt anyone through our behavior. 


Our students will show a willingness and desire to participate and be successful in the learning process. 


Our students will interact with others in a way that shows they care about their well-being and how they feel. We will treat others with kindness and use good manners.


Our students will take pride in their belongings. We will keep our belongings and school materials in order. 

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